About Me

Mathew Odenthal has built his career around the home building industry in Minnesota. Matt Odenthal first worked as a framer, building houses throughout Farmington, Minnesota, and did this work before the housing crash in 2008-2009. When this occurred, building houses came to a standstill. With little work to do, Matthew decided to strengthen his skills by learning about high-end construction.

Within a few years, the house building market stabilized, and Matt Odenthal was back to doing what he loved. During the time it took for the market to get under control, he learned more about high-end remodeling. Mathew Odenthal worked on remodeling expensive homes and gained skills as a finisher in the industry. Although he loved remodeling, his first love has always been building new homes. He decided to return to the house building and started his new business.

With a passion for new construction, Mathew Odenthal worked to obtain his General Contractor's license and began his company in 2015, Distinctive Design Build, LLC. He is the co-founder of the company, along with his business partner, Wade Brelje. Together, they grew the company over the past seven years into the successful business it is today. The company serves potential homeowners throughout Farmington and the surrounding areas. From designing your new home to completing the final project, Matt Odenthal is ready to help you build the home of your dreams.

Distinctive Design Build, LLC, a local home building company in Farmington, Minnesota, builds roughly 100 homes annually. Although the company is busy, the team working for Distinctive Design Build, LLC is up to the challenge. As a successful entrepreneur, Mathew Odenthal is also the owner of a small painting and woodwork finishing company to round off the services he provides to potential homeowners. This is a flourishing company, an accomplishment Matt Odenthal and his co-founder have worked hard for. They take care of their customers and build homes to the specifications of the buyers that hire the company.

Mathew Odenthal is most proud of the hard work he has put in to grow Distinctive Design Build, LLC, into the top 25 Minnesota Builders Association of the Twin Cities Homebuilders for the past four years. The company was honored with this distinction based on their revenue volume and the number of homes they build each year. As a leader in the construction industry, potential homeowners know that they can work with Distinctive Design Build, LLC to have the home of their dreams. Building homes is Matt Odenthal's life, and he works with a wide range of clients who are ready to build a home they will love.

As a high-end builder in Minnesota, Matt Odenthal works hard to build high-quality homes for every customer he serves. The goal is to build high-end, luxury homes for an affordable price. His company builds higher-quality homes that offer buyers more value than his competition. Buyers can customize their new home, and Matt works closely with the customer to stay within budget. Mathew Odenthal believes that this should not stop customers from having the home of their dreams when there are monetary concerns. Choosing the right finishes, appliances, flooring, and more makes it possible to have a high-end home while maintaining a budget.

Matt Odenthal spends his free time fishing when he isn't busy building homes. As a young kid, Matt enjoyed spending his days out on the water fishing as he did. He took his skills to a higher level over time. He is a competitive walleye fisherman and spends time on the lake on the weekends with his wife and twin 4-year-olds. Mathew Odenthal loves to spend time with his family and enjoys time out in nature. He is hard-working and always ready for a challenge. Matt Odenthal knows that he must take time to relax with the success he has had in the home building industry.

As one of Minnesota's top custom home builders and a leader in the new construction field, Matt Odenthal is ready to talk to you about your new construction build. From the first design stages to the completion of your new home, Matt has built a team of professionals that make building a new home fun. You will get the care and attention you deserve when you work with a construction professional like Mathew Odenthal in Farmington, Minnesota. He knows it takes hard work, dedication, and the ability to see a project through to completion. As a professional builder, he takes his talent to the next level for all the customers he works with.


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